Project Description

Commercial Driver License Medical Exam

If you ask yourself “Where can I get a CDL commercial driver license medical exam near me?” The Latino Heart Clinic conducts exams for the DOT transportation department on a regular basis and without making an appointment.

Corazón Latino has modern facilities that have experienced medical staff and are dedicated to providing the highest quality care. The very well trained staff of our clinic has doctors, medical assistants and nurses.

If you are looking for a medical examination for a CDL commercial driver’s license, we have certified and up-to-date medical staff in all the requirements of the DOT transportation department. This medical exam is quick and easy and in a short time you will be out of the clinic.

  • They will also include:

  • Alcohol test

  • Drug test

Medical exams for a CDL commercial driver’s license have several components, such as the physical and mental parts. A drug and alcohol test may be included in the test and every aspect of the medical test must be completed successfully in order to pass the test. The standards of the medical examination of our clinic coincide with the requirements of FMSCA, which ensures that the examination is accurate and that you can start or continue working as a commercial driver. These requirements exist to protect the health and safety of each driver, as well as the safety of other drivers around them.

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Monday Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday Closed

+(281) 577-4176

Precio de la consulta 25$

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